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Red Car Wheel 250We think its great news that 9 of our Level 2 learners are out on placement at the moment. Even if it is a little quiet around the workshop.

And it just gets better because seven of the nine are on placement with a main dealerships. It’s not only great news for the learners themselves, its great news for us too. We try very hard to get our learners into garages where their range of skills and experiences can grow. And that makes them more employable.

Success Stories

Take Jordan for instance. He was invited by Jim to repair bikes as he was loitering around in the neighbourhood on his bike. Today, as one of the key apprentices here, Jordan has moved on to car repair, and even loves mentoring the new starters.

Lauren didn’t think much of her schooling, but also got a big break at the NYA. Bike repair is now in her blood!.


Success Stories