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We are aware that these are challenging times but we are here to support you.

NYA will be closed for Full time study to all learners with immediate effect. We will be contacting you individually to arrange work for you to do and ensure you have the required log ins for online work.

Some hard copies of work will also be sent out including Maths and English work.

Timetables will be issued but may be adapted depending on individual needs.

Chromebooks will be provided for those learners with no access to technology.

All work given out must be completed and handed in every Friday. Completion of this work will result in your bursary payment.


If you are currently attending a work placement or attend work as an apprentice continue to do so, unless otherwise instructed. Your assessors will make contact and issue the work you need to complete until such time as you can return to the training center.

All learners will be contacted at least twice weekly for vocational training and support including 1-2-1 reviews and target setting.

We are still open for new starts and interviews will be conducted over the telephone, with arrangements then made for induction resources to be completed.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Telephone 0191 2584180 Email Facebook Northumbria youth action.

REMEMBER We are here and will continue to support you please contact our safegaurding officer Jim Coltman – or Mike Johnson – or Carolyn Mount –

If you are struggling to cope with the effects of lockdown extra support can be found at / www. samaritans / www.anxious minds

Covid 19 Delivery Updates